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All About Wycombe Chamber Choir

Wycombe Chamber Choir was set up in 2018 by its conductor, Tim Venvell. Its vision was to provide a high quality choral experience for some of the best singers and musicians in the area, and its membership includes in particular a number of local music teachers.
The vision of its founder was to set up a choir run for musicians,  by musicians, with an emphasis on a clear, blended sound, in which every voice counts. The choir began with just 16 voices, but has expanded to about 24 members, an optimal number for a chamber choir.  However, there is always room for an additional high quality voice!
The vision for the choir also includes a strong element of community, and many of the members are also good friends.  The community element is also expressed through a desire to make each concert a fund-raising event for local and national charities. The choir runs on a shoestring, and endeavours to make most of its audience takings available to charity.
The choir meets every Thursday in term, in The Sanctuary, a room at the right hand end of St. Margaret's Church Hall, Tylers Green,  High Wycombe, 7.45-9.45pm. 

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